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12 - 48V

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Pojemność modułu
1 kWh

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Operating parameters

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Advantages of Breeze lithium-ion batteries:

  • 3x lighter than lead-acid batteries,

  • over 3500 charge and discharge cycles,

  • 10 years of maintenance-free operation,

  • maintenance-free storage,

  • 10x higher charging current than in lead-acid batteries,

  • higher efficiency and insignificant self-discharge effect,

  • no memory effect - recharging has no negative effect on the battery life.

Applications of Breeze Li-ion batteries:

  • hybrid and off-grid photovoltaic (PV) installations,

  • campers,

  • garden plots,

  • UPS emergency power systems,

  • forklifts and pallet trucks,

  • electric vehicles.